Author Topic: How you can Seduce a Man & Make Him Crazy  (Read 1204 times)


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How you can Seduce a Man & Make Him Crazy
« on: July 13, 2019, 03:36:20 PM »

Men notice when women smile at them. Therefore, be confident that you will capture his attention when you give him a genuine smile. This will ensure that he focuses on you. Perhaps, the best way to do this is to smile at what he does or says. A fake smile can be a turn off for an intelligent man. Therefore, be careful when using this tactic to seduce a man.

Ask Personal and Intimate Questions

Donít talk about general things if you are really interested in a man. When you get a chance to talk to him, ask personal and intimate questions. Professional companions succeed in having men book them more often by maintaining intimate conversations. Nevertheless, ask questions in a natural way without sounding like you are forcing him to give specific information.

Convey Your Interest with Body Language

Body language provides a great way to show any man that you are into him. Apart from smiling and maintaining eye contact, face him and lean towards him a little. This will make him pay more attention to your body language and respond accordingly.

Whether you are a girl that wants to win a man or Vegas escort that wants to up her game, these tips will enable you to seduce a man and make him crazy for you. Practice them and donít give up if you donít get instant results.

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